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Its in the USA, but it will likely be the only chance to get this bumper in poly.
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fastrax203 wrote:
I've been in contact with Campos recently trying to see if he would reproduce the Pakfeifer Lip and CS/RC bumper. He said he would and we would need A.) the bumper and lip and B.) a minimum of 10 committed buyers for each item. This is usually his requirement for any part he reproduces.

Granted he doesn't own an ST18x so the parts he reproduces will be exact copies of the parts he uses to make molds from. His MR2 parts fit better than originals because he modifies original parts to fit the body of a very clean and straight car that he owns then he makes a mold from that instead so none of the imperfections are carried over from the original.

So we would need a volunteer(s) to send the parts to campos (these people will be compensated for the usage of their parts as part of the group buy) so he can make molds from them and 10 people to commit to the group buy of each item in order to start production.

The lips would cost $180-$250 shipped. This is about what most of his lips for MR2s go for. These are made of fiberglass. I've owned the Aeroware lip that he makes for SW20s and its a very stout piece. It hit a transmission that I had left sitting in the garage when I was parking and simply pushed the transmission forward. I was going about 10 mph. Urethane is available but the minimum production number (committed buyers) is 50 and it takes longer to make. He also said that it *could* be made in Carbon Fiber but it's quite difficult to do correctly and at a high enough standard that it would be very expensive. I'm sure if there's enough commited buyers though, he'd do it.

The CS/RC bumper is in the same boat as far as getting a bumper to Campos. These will cost anywhere from $480-$550 shipped. This is comparable to the pricing to get one from a EU supplier but at least we will be supporting a business based in the US. Again, a minimum of 10 of these would need to be commited to.

I'm in contact with him regularly so if anyone has questions please post and I can fwd it to him.

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